Journey to Success: Gefest's Story on Metafy

May 23, 2024

Journey to Success: Gefest's Story on Metafy

Gefest is an Overwatch 2 Pro who transformed his gaming passion into a thriving professional coaching career. Gefest’’s story is a compelling blend of dedication, strategic thinking, and a genuine desire to help others. In this blog, we'll explore the key milestones in his journey, his strategies for success, and his advice for aspiring Pros. The following extracts are taken from their full podcast with Metafy Ed.

Gefest's Metafy Profile

Introduction and Background

Gefest began his journey on Metafy in September 2020. In a short span, he has published two guides and countless coaching VODs, amassing 1.4k coaching orders from 358 students with an impressive rebooking rate of 80%, generating over $40,000 in sales.

Before joining Metafy, Gefest had been coaching for six years, initially helping friends and teammates for free. This early experience laid the foundation for his successful coaching career. "I started coaching for free, but later, I got so many students, and I decided the world was telling me something. I probably can also do that as a business and try to help more people," he explained.

Early Gaming and Coaching Journey

Gefest’s love for gaming began with strategic games like Warcraft 3 and Age of Empires. His transition to Overwatch was a turning point. Initially playing casually, he quickly became competitive, reaching the top 10 in season 3. This competitive edge paved the way for his coaching career.

“When Overwatch came out, I was hooked. Reaching the top 10 in season 3 was a highlight,” he recalled. “Friends started asking for advice, and that’s when I realized I could help others improve.”

His deep understanding of the game mechanics and strategic thinking developed through playing strategic games, which he then applied to Overwatch. "Overwatch is like chess to me because I've been playing chess as well a long time ago, and I really love the strategic side of all these things," he recounted.

Gefest's Competitive Achievements

Informal Beginnings to Professional Coaching

Initially, Gefest offered coaching for free, helping friends and teammates. The positive feedback and demand for his insights made him consider coaching a viable career.

“People started asking for help, and I enjoyed coaching them for free. Eventually, one student offered to pay, which was a game-changer for me,” Gefest explained. “It was then I realized coaching could be more than a hobby.”

As the number of students grew, he saw the potential to turn his passion into a profession. "I started what if I can create a schedule and try to make sure I meet with the students weekly because they became my students in a way," he shared.

An Example of Student Feedback

Discovering Metafy

Gefest discovered Metafy through a post by its founder, Josh, and joined the platform at its inception. He found Metafy's functionalities, support, and community far superior to other platforms.

“I saw a post by Metafy’s founder about creating a platform for experts like me. I decided to try it, and it’s been the best decision. The platform’s features and support are unmatched,” he said.

Metafy's comprehensive support system, including a user-friendly website, scheduling tools, and a community of Pros, provided Gefest with the perfect environment to grow his coaching business. "Metafy does it all at the moment. I think it's the best place for me at the moment in terms of all that," he noted.

Josh Fabian, CEO of Metafy

Keys to Success on Metafy

For Gefest, the key to success is prioritizing student value and maintaining solid relationships. Effective time management and structured coaching plans are also crucial.

“Success comes from putting students first. Building strong relationships and providing value are essential,” Gefest emphasized. “Managing my time and having a structured coaching plan also play significant roles.”

He stresses the importance of a student-centered approach, ensuring that every session is valuable and tailored to individual needs. "One of the most important reasons to me is the desire to be helpful to the students," he explained.

Student Feedback Exemplifying their Student Centred Approach

Retention Strategies

Retention is a cornerstone of Gefest’s success. He creates specific curriculums and sends session summaries to keep students engaged and ensure they see continuous improvement.

“I developed a specific curriculum to track student progress. Sending summaries after each session helps them see their improvement and stay motivated,” he noted. “This structured approach has significantly improved retention rates.”

His method involves breaking down complex concepts into manageable steps, ensuring students master each aspect before moving on. "I created specific curriculums where I'm able to track all the specifics I'm working on with a student," he said.

An Snipped of their Overwatch 2 Curriculum

Advice for Aspiring Pros

Gefest encourages aspiring coaches and creators to try Metafy, highlighting the platform’s extensive resources and supportive community. He emphasizes the importance of creating value and personalizing coaching to meet individual student needs.

“There’s nothing to lose by trying Metafy. The resources and community support are incredible. Focus on creating value and personalizing your coaching to each student’s needs,” Gefest advised.

He also highlights the potential for growth and learning that Metafy provides. "Esports and all the coaching is just it's, it starts growing. There are not too many books about it. There are not too many useful materials about how to coach people," he explained.

Notable Experiences and Student Impact

Personalized coaching has led to significant positive impacts on students, including helping a military veteran use gaming as a therapeutic tool. Building trust and empathy is crucial in understanding and addressing personal and professional student challenges.

“One military veteran student used gaming as a therapeutic tool. I developed a routine to help them focus and manage anxiety,” he shared. “They told me it changed their life, which was incredibly rewarding.”

These personalized approaches ensure that each student's unique needs are met, whether they are dealing with anxiety or other personal challenges. "Usually, it starts with a form; because we don't know each other when the students book their first session, I usually send them the form they can fill in and help me personalize their sessions," he elaborated.

Target Setting Form, used for Onboarding

Continuous Improvement and Feedback

Gefest collects student feedback via forms to improve coaching methods. Implementing a library of visual examples based on student suggestions has enhanced learning and session quality.

“Feedback is gold. I ask students to fill out forms about what they liked and what could be improved. One suggestion was to use more real examples, so I built a library of clips and resources,” he explained. “This has made a huge difference in the quality of sessions.”

By continuously refining his methods based on feedback, Gefest ensures that his coaching remains practical and relevant. "I created the form and asked kindly, 'Can you fill this form out and see what you like about the session? Fill out what you like, what you maybe dislike, what I could add potentially,'" he said.

Session Feedback Questions

Retention and Loyalty Strategies

Gefest offers incentives for referrals, such as free lesson time. He maintains a spreadsheet to track student progress and communication, ensuring ongoing support.

“I offer a 30-minute free lesson for referrals. It’s a simple way to show appreciation and encourage loyalty,” he noted. “Keeping a spreadsheet to track progress and communication helps me stay connected with my students.”

This systematic student retention and loyalty approach has paid off, resulting in high rebooking rates and long-term student relationships. 


Their journey from a casual gamer to a professional Overwatch 2 Pro on Metafy is a testament to the power of dedication, strategic planning, and a genuine desire to help others. His story provides valuable insights and inspiration for aspiring Pros. By prioritizing student value, maintaining solid relationships, and continuously improving his methods, Gefest has built a successful coaching career that helps students improve their gaming skills and positively impacts their lives.

“I definitely recommend Metafy. The platform, the resources, the community support – it’s all there. It’s been a game-changer for me, and it can be for others, too,” Gefest concluded.

Through his commitment to excellence and personal touch, Gefest has set a high standard for coaching. His story is an inspiration for those looking to turn their passion for gaming into a fulfilling profession.

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