Building Your Brand and Bank Account: How To Make Money As A Content Creator

June 17, 2024

For professional gamers or those aspiring to make gaming their full-time career, learning how to make money as a content creator offers a way to diversify their income streams. This can provide financial stability and security, especially in an industry as dynamic as gaming.

This article defines what content creation is and the main elements of a content creator, how much money can a content creator make, ways a content creator can make money.

Unlocking the Secrets of Content Creation Awesomeness

First, let's explore what content creation is and who could call themselves a content creator.

A piece of content could be anything from a podcast, TikTok short, YouTube long form, Twitch live stream to written blogs and Twitter/X posts. A content creator can be defined as a person who produces any mix of the above-mentioned types of content in any regular fashion. A one-off article might not be enough to warrant the title but if you write a blog on Metafy bi-weekly you might be there.

There are people who create content for fun or as their passion project. They just love sharing what they've done with others! However, some want to turn professional and actually make money on it. They create exclusive content with the aim of monetizing it. They invest in marketing and put a big emphasis on promoting it.

Let's focus on the second group today and delve into the nitty gritty!

Unveiling the Cash Flow: What's in the Creator's Coffers?

It's very tough to tie a specific number to a content creator career. It's a highly flexible job that is vastly different depending on the niche, the platform, and the type of content. It's also a relatively new way to earn money, relative to other more conventional jobs.

However, I don't want to leave you empty-handed. Let's go through some examples.

If you're into writing you might begin your career by creating your own content to prove your knowledge and skills on an independent platform like Metafy or your own website. Then if you want to start writing for a commercial blog you can expect a rate of $20-$100 per piece, depending on the length, research needed, etc. If you work, say, for two sites and create one piece a week for each at $50, you will have cashed in $400 just from that. With time you can work for more clients, for higher rates, and with higher frequency.

When it comes to Twitch, you won't get paid for views but for subscribers. At the beginning, you can expect to earn roughly $2.5 per a $5 subscription. Views, however, can translate into ad revenue by creating sponsored content.

For YouTube, it's both about YouTube adsense but also sponsorships. Those will be based on a variety of relevant metrics like viewership, retention, subscriptions. It is most profitable though to get these brand partnerships as YouTube ad revenue won't be too meaningful if you don't get views in hundreds of thousand or even millions.

For content creators who are more in the influencer space, there is no range one could give to make it adequate. You might get a product sponsorship where you receive a case of RedBull to promote them or you might ask for 10 grand for an Insta post if you're super famous and have the right reach. Sky's the limit but it's also pretty hard to break through. 

2024's Money-Making Marvels: How Content Creators Can Cash In

Now that we know who a content creator is and how much money they can earn, let's explore very specific ways you could make money as a content creator. Let's have in mind that the term creator is so broad that we're going to venture into very different territories along the way.

  • Subscriptionssome text
    • Subscriptions are a very popular and standard way of earning money as a creator. The nomenclature can sometimes be misleading as YouTube subscriptions are free while on Twitch they're paid. Still, getting regular-ish income rather than being paid per piece of content can provide a steady stream of money. Sites like Patreon allow you to essentially create your own platform and monetize it month to month thanks to regular support of people who consume your content.
  • Brand Dealssome text
    • One of the most lucrative opportunities involve brand deals. Not only are you recognized and associated with a brand (like RedBull or Prime), but you also get the products for personal consumption and, typically, monetary compensation. It might be a one-off sponsorship for a singular piece of content or a more ongoing cooperation.
  • Affiliate Marketingsome text
    • You have certainly seen creators give out their discount codes for a service. 'You my code Creator10 for a 10% discount on the first three months'. This type of monetization creates a direct correlation between the money you earn and how much traffic and customers you generate.
  • Online Coursessome text
    • Once you've climbed the ladder, you can start teaching people how to do what you've already learnt inside out. They could be about creating content, a specific niche, or something entirely different.
  • Commercial Freelance Worksome text
    • While you can create content under your name, which is what you do on Youtube or Twitch, you can also decide to work for a commercial business. You can write articles for their blog, record videos for their channel. While it boosts your personal brand less than you otherwise would, the money is more stable and you always get paid per piece of content.
  • Coachingsome text
    • Mentoring and coaching are great ways to share knowledge, cooperate closely with your audience and, naturally, make money. The upside is that you always get paid the agreed rate for the time you put in. The downside is that it doesn't scale as well as you always have a set number of hours in a day and the hourly rate can only go as high.
  • Real-life gigssome text
    • Sometimes you'll be able to showcase your knowledge, skills, and passion through your content and convert it into great real-life opportunities. From a Youtuber to an esports caster; from a twitch streamer to an event stage host; from a writer to a content manager. Always be on the lookout for such opportunities. You don't want to miss them!


If you want to delve into the realm of content creation, don't hesitate and start today! Join our Metafy family and start building your brand. There's no better time to start than today.

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