Metafy Pro Podcast: Episode #4

May 21, 2024

Join your host, Ed, on the Metafy Pro Podcast as he dives into the world of professional gaming and coaching with Lathyrus, a prominent League of Legends content creator. With 24.6k YouTube subscribers and 56.7k Twitch followers, Lathyrus shares his journey from a seasoned salesperson to a successful gaming coach on Metafy.

In this episode, discover how Lathyrus transitioned from playing League of Legends to becoming a top-tier coach with impressive achievements, including 168 orders from 82 students and over $5,000 in sales. Learn about the innovative group coaching approach that has earned him over $2,000 in the last three months and how his background in retail has influenced his coaching style.

Lathyrus opens up about his passion for gaming, the importance of treating content creation as a business, and offers valuable advice for aspiring content creators. Whether you're a seasoned gamer, a budding coach, or simply curious about the world of esports, this episode is packed with insights and inspiration.

🎧 Tune in to hear about:

  • Lathyrus' early gaming experiences and entry into League of Legends
  • The evolution of his content creation and coaching career
  • The benefits and strategies of group coaching
  • Tips for turning a hobby into a successful career

Don't miss this deep dive into the life and mind of one of Metafy's top Pros!

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