Twitch Alternatives Every Streamer Should Know About

June 11, 2024

The world of live streaming has grown beyond Twitch in recent years, with a variety of site just like twitch, providing special benefits and capabilities. In an effort to improve audience engagement, control over content, and discoverability, streamers are looking for twitch alternatives - websites like twitch. This blog post explains why broadcasters are leaving Twitch, lists some of the best apps and sites like twitch, and goes over some important factors to take into account while selecting a new platform.

Why Streamers are Saying Bye-bye to Twitch

For a variety of reasons, streamers' dissatisfaction with Twitch is growing. The platform's crowded market, which makes it challenging for new streamers to be found, is one of the main problems. Twitch’s ToS, revenue cuts are also not very lucrative for most streamers. 

Twitch Alternatives: Unleash Your Creativity with These Awesome Platforms

Exploring new platforms can open up opportunities to connect with different audiences and enjoy unique streaming experiences. Here are some of the best alternatives to Twitch:

  • Kick

Kick is the #1 twitch competitor. Their main unique selling point is a much higher (~2x) revenue sharing as their main competitor - Twitch. People have also been very negatively speaking about Kick due to it’s connection to Stake, which is a gambling platform. Kick’s terms of service also allow streamers to be more… free? themselves? Call it anyhow you want, but many Twitch streamers created a Kick account just to stream NSFW content, or gambling after their twitch stream, where they keep it more… civil… Kick could be called the twitch but for adults.

  • Youtube Gaming

Youtube gaming is like the younger sibling you need to take with you when you’re going to hang out with your friends. It’s something you have to do in 99% of cases, but really don’t feel like doing. As a content creator, NOT utilizing Youtube in form of short-form content (shorts) and long-form (normal videos) is throwing. You absolutely HAVE to upload videos and content on platforms outside of your streaming platform to grow. Check this article on How To Get Followers on Twitch !

Best feature of Youtube is that if you’re already uploading on Youtube, you might already have some viewers that could watch you. Also, every live-stream automatically records and you have the option to keep it as a video on your channel, which offers further monetization, unlike on Twitch or other platforms.

  • Facebook Gaming

In the new generation of gamers, and… people… Facebook is considered to be dying. Not in business, however. People still use facebook, and as a content creator you should have a facebook page where you post content - short-form videos, or long-form as well as posts.

Streamers on facebook often have to be very SFW, not swear, as you will very easily get banned/removed for breaking their strict policies. You are definitely reaching a different audience on facebook compared to twitch.

  • Tiktok

From all twitch alternatives, tiktok seems to be a VERY good option for many streamers. It’s a great twitch alternative, as people are able to donate via their phones (mostly) and directly see the result of that on your live through special effects.

Tiktok allows you to grow massively as a content creator, if you just upload every day, stay consistent, at some point, a video will go viral. And if you’re live while the video is going viral, people are going to click on your live and join.

Tiktok will definitely grow to be twitch’s main competition/alternative on mobile devices, however I’m not so sure about PC and game streaming.

  • Dlive

DLive is a blockchain-based live streaming platform that operates on the Lino blockchain and later integrated with the TRON blockchain. This doesn’t mean that somebody will be mining bitcoin on your computer. This means, that Dlive operates on a unique reward system where both streamers and viewers earn cryptocurrency. Streamers can receive donations and subscriptions in the form of Dlive’s native tokens. Viewers also earn rewards for their engagement and participation, creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem.

This also means, that unlike twitch, dlive doesn’t take a cut from streamer’s earnings.

Twitch Alternatives: Elements to Keep an Eye Out For

When considering a switch from Twitch, streamers should evaluate several key elements to ensure they choose the best platform for their needs:

1. Desired audience

On Facebook, you will most likely either reach an older audience as you’re used to reach on twitch, or other sites like twitch, or much younger audience. You also have to be very very careful of not breaking their rules, as appealing a ban can be very long, and many streamers are not successful.

On the streaming platform Kick however, it’s the direct opposite. You can be very NSFW on your streams, as Kick doesn’t punish streamers as much as other twitch alternatives.

2. Discoverability

For a new streamer, twitch alternatives like Tiktok or even youtube gaming, potentially Facebook are going to be great for live streaming and for growing at the same time. These streaming platforms offer a great amount of discoverability. Whether it's through viral tiktoks, or other short-form content, or Youtube's function that saves your live-streams and publishes them to your channel, which allow you to be found later.

3. Customization

Customization options allow streamers to personalize their channels and content. Look for platforms that offer flexible layouts, and interactive features to enhance viewer engagement. Tiktok does it the best - without having to set anything up, viewers are able to donate and activate special effects on everyone’s device. On Twitch, Kick, and other streaming websites like twitch you have to set everything up manually. This also on the other hand leaves you space to be creative and set up things how you want to have them, rather than relying on Tiktok’s pre-made effects.

4. Monetization

Different platforms offer various monetization methods, from ad revenue and subscriptions to virtual gifts and direct donations. Evaluate which options align best with your revenue goals and audience preferences. Twitch is going to take around 50% of your sub revenue, while Kick only takes 5%. Give it a thought.

Next Steps in Your Journey Beyond Twitch

As you explore these Twitch alternatives, consider joining the Metafy community to share your gaming expertise and connect with like-minded individuals. Metafy offers a unique platform for gamers to monetize their skills and build a dedicated audience. Whether you choose Metafy or another platform, expanding your presence beyond Twitch can open up new opportunities for growth and engagement.

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