How to Start a Gaming Youtube Channel

June 3, 2024

Many gamers enjoy sharing their gameplay experiences with others. For most of us, it's how we get introduced to the games we love. The best way to learn everything from how to completing elite levels to competing at an elite level is to learn from the pros. Becoming a gaming YouTuber provides a platform to showcase gameplay footage, walkthroughs, tutorials, and highlights to a wider audience. Posting gaming content on platforms like YouTube allows you to share your talents with the world and create content that allows viewers and subscribers to learn from your content and support you on your YouTube gaming journey. This article dives into what a YouTube gamer is, reasons why starting a YouTube gaming channel can be difficulty, tips to start, and how to start a career in gaming and content creation. 

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What exactly is a youtuber and what do they do?

Plain and simple, a YouTuber is a person who makes content and posts it on their YouTube channel. YouTube channels contain an extremely vast array of different styles and areas of content. Once you've established your profile (including profile picture, banner, and channel description), you are free to start creating to your hearts content. It will take time before you reach notoriety levels of gaming YouTubers such as PewDiePie, Jacksepticeye, and Markiplier, but everyone has to start somewhere. By uploading videos and other content, interacting with your audience and building your gaming channel, you can start your very own journey as a YouTuber. 

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Tips on starting a successful YouTube channel in 2024

Starting a YouTube channel for the first time can be daunting - everyone begins with zero videos, subscribers, and a clean slate. Here are some tips to anyone just starting their video game content creation career on YouTube: 

  • Get the appropriate equipment - To ensure high quality production value, you're going to need cultivate your setup. A good quality microphone, webcam, laptop or PC, and a video game of your choice. Video editing software and screen recording software are good assets too.
  • Discover your niche and target audience - start with what games you are passionate about (and maybe pretty good at!) and go from there. Pick games that you're able to record and produce content for. 
  • Get set up - Not just your channel, but your environment too. You need to get your profile and page all set and ready for viewers to see. Make it as attractive as possible to grow your channel! With that, you want to create videos in the best possible environment. Make sure you have a comfortable chair, a nice desk, all your equipment, and get to work. 
  • Outline your videos - You need to start somewhere! Figure out what area of content you want to go after. Pick your game of choice and think about your options Walkthroughs, speed running, competitive content, or just informational gaming videos and walkthroughs are all good places to start
  • Foster a community - Once you get started making videos and growing an audience, start interacting with your viewers. Look at your comments and what your viewers want to see and start to foster community through your YouTube videos. All content creators, Twitch livestreamers and YouTube gamers started in the same spot as you - take it slow and watch your channel grow!
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Why is it so hard to start a successful YouTube channel?

For a most people, starting a YouTube gaming channel from scratch can be a tall order. Taking a channel from 0 subscribers to a booming, thriving community takes a lot of work. Here are some suggestions to mitigate some of the common difficulties YouTube gamers and content creators face: 

  • Out-of-the-box ideas - along with finding your niche, sometimes using out-of-the-box ideas for your YouTube gaming content can be your key to increasing subscribers. Research what other content creators are doing with games you enjoy and start brainstorming ideas. Sometimes being unique is the best thing for a new channel.
  • Solid content research - YouTubers who come off as knowledgeable in what they do create the most engaging content. If you're doing informational videos or walkthroughs, doing your research will benefit you greatly. Become a master of your craft and make your content intentionally exceptional
  • Video editing skills - If you have a knack with video editors, screen recorders, or simply using a green screen, you are off to a good start. Make sure you are comfortable with editing videos on your software and learn your way around to figure out the tips and tricks, having attractive and clean video content will pay off and increase your watch time. 
  • A good understanding of the platform - Beyond just how to make a YouTube short and upload your content, figure out what makes YouTube videos click. Knowing your way around the YouTube algorithm and how to make your content click 

Game On!

These strategies should assist you in creating videos and getting your gaming channel off to a roaring start. From video intros to endings, YouTube shorts to live streams, popular games to playing games no one has ever heard of, there is no better time to start than right now. Use these tips to kickstart your channel and start your journey to become the YouTube gamer you've always wanted to be. While you're hear, feel free to check out the rest of the Metafy platform and all it has to offer! With a growing community, the world's top experts and content that grows every day, Metafy has everything you need to make you the best gamer you can be - check it out!

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