How to Get the Most out of Discord, from Joining to Syncing to Serving

February 5, 2024
Ann Smiley


If you’re on Metafy, you need to be on Discord. In fact, if you’re a Metafy Pro, we require it. Discord gives coaches and students an additional avenue of communication, if they’re unable to connect via Metafy Chat. And just as importantly, it gives you access to  Metafy Discord, where you can interact with Pros and Metafy staff and gain a first-person view of the Metafy development process. You can also set up site notifications — such as reminders about upcoming sessions — through Discord.

Beyond that, many of our Pros use Discord as to conduct their coaching. They’ll use it as the portal for conducting sessions, since it offers both audio and video chat in addition to one-on-one and channeled texting. Most will use it as their primary point of contact. And many of our most sought-after coaches maintain their own Discord servers.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. First things first.

How to make a Discord Account

If you haven’t signed up for Discord yet, here’s how.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Open Discord in your browser.
  3. Pick a username and click the arrow.
  4. Complete the Captcha.
  5. A popup will appear and give you the option to create a new server. Click Skip.
  6. Enter your email address and pick a password. Click Claim Account.
  7. A popup will appear with a download link for the Discord desktop application. Discord works in your browser, as a desktop app, and in mobile apps.
  8. Check your email for a confirmation email. It’ll contain a link that will verify your email and complete the account creation process.
  9. Join Metafy’s Discord server at

How to Sync Metafy and Discord

It’s not enough to just join Discord. You also need to connect Metafy and Discord, through your Metafy dashboard. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Settings > Account > Connected Accounts. (Your Metafy Settings are accessed by clicking your Profile Picture in the lower left, then choosing Settings from the dropdown menu.)
  2. Find the Discord icon, and click Connect.
  3. A confirmation window will pop up.
  4. If you are signed into Discord, Metafy will ask you to authorize us to access your Discord username, avatar, and email address.
  5. If you aren’t logged into Discord, you will need to enter your Discord username. (If you don’t know your exact username, go to Discord, sign in, and hover over your avatar, then select “Click to copy username.”)
  6. Authorize away.
📣 Note: If you see an error during this process saying that you need to verify your account, that means your Discord account is unverified. The verification process involves attaching a phone number to your account, either through the Discord website or their mobile or desktop apps.
This article on the Discord website should help you with verification: Verification Required FAQ

For Pros: Using Discord to Boost Your Metafy

A lot of gamers use Discord as their primary hub for communication. The text, audio, and video support for one-on-one and group chats really works for raiding. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of Discord, as a coach:

  • Friend Up Your Students. It’s a good idea to add your students as friends on Discord just in case you are unable to reach them via Metafy chat. Even if they don’t accept the request, they’ll be easy to find through the Pending list.
    • You can find your students’ Discord ID on your Dashboard, once they’ve booked a lesson or training plan.
  • Open Up those DMs. Make sure your settings (and those of your students) aren’t preventing you from receiving friend requests or messages.
    • On Discord, click the (downward caret) next to the server name.
    • Click Privacy Settings.
    • Turn on Allow direct messages from server members.
    • For additional help with Discord’s privacy settings, go here.
  • Use Your Status to Plug Your Metafy.To add your Metafy link under your name on Discord, you can set a custom status.
    • Click on your Discord profile picture and select Set a Custom Status.
    • Type in your Metafy link ( and pick an emoji (for example, the :videogame: icon, which looks like a controller).
    • Select Don’t Clear in the Clear After dropdown.
  • Get your Discord ID onto your Metafy profile.
    • View your Metafy Profile.
    • Click Edit Profile.
    • Click an empty box.
    • Select Discord Handle.
    • Enter your Discord ID and click Confirm.
    • Save.

Every Pro Needs a Discord Server

Many Metafy Pros create their own Discord server, to serve as a community for their students and fans to interact. They can use their server to:

  • Share announcements and updates
  • Introduce their latest Metafy sessions and plans
  • Post their streaming schedule
  • Boost their gaming achievements, and those of their students
  • Provide dedicated forums for chatting about their game, sharing tips, posting memes, linking game updates, etc.
  • Give students a space to join groups and guilds
  • Set up some voice channels for group chats and workshops
  • Collect feedback

Tips from Metafy Pros

We asked some of our seasoned Pros for their tips, based on their experience running their own successful Discord communities. Here’s what they told us:

Make sure to host special events for your students. Your members, seeing that you are actively engaging with your students, will be more likely to purchase your sessions, knowing that you care about your community.


I’ve seen solid success from creating a Discord server. It has been a powerful tool for:
• Creating an actual community and engaging with them
• Scheduling regular events for one-on-one interaction
• Promoting coaching and social media posts
• Showing potential students I’m legit and that other students are happy with my service
• Giving and receiving feedback
• Getting in touch with new people; especially people who haven’t bought coaching yet


It doesn’t need to be perfect. Roles aren’t going to line up, you won’t have the fanciest new Discord bots perfectly set up when you first start (lord knows I still don’t). Make it a passion project and work on improving it little by little with each day. Your community will notice this more than if everything was perfect, and will chime in with ideas to help you to improve. Don’t be scared to make mistakes and listen to the feedback of your community, and you will soon see your Discord server surpass the expectations of your original “perfect” vision.


Honorable mention: Get mods you trust. There are a lot of random scumbags who come and spam your Discord with porn links.

— Also Sabi

The Bottom Line

Discord is a great tool for students and coaches to connect, and for lurking on the Metafy team. Once you’re signed up and synced, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it.

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