How To Become A Gaming Coach

February 15, 2024

Do you have a passion for gaming and want to go beyond just being a run-of-the-mill player? Do you want to grow your gaming community and invest in those around you, but aren't sure how. Do you feel like you are simply better than those around you? Coaching eSports might be for you! Just like professional sports leagues, video games have coaches for both players and teams that teach them to be the best that they can be. 

This isn't just limited to top players or the most popular games; anyone with the tools to teach and the skill to back it up can become a gaming coach. It gives players with a deep passion for gaming who want to stay in the industry an opportunity to invest in the game they love, even if they don't see themselves as professional players. Being a coach allows you to be immersed in the world, contributing your expertise to help others improve. This article covers what a gaming coach is, the benefits and difficulties, how to become a gaming coach, and how to use gaming coaching to make money.

Are you the Jim Harbaugh or Nick Saban of eSports coaching? Only time will tell.

What is a gaming coach?

Essentially, a gaming coach is a coach just like any other sport or activity: someone who teaches and invests in players to help them reach their full potential. Conceptually, an eSports coach is no different than a football coach, a music instructor, or a personal trainer at the gym. Instead, they are working to master games such as Rocket League, Valorant, League of Legends, Smash, or many many more to help teach those around them. More specifically, gaming coaches are some of the most intelligent minds in their fields, often the ones smashing game levels and flexing their skills on their friends at parties. They are innovative minds, finding ways to push gameplay on their own and helping others do the same.

How Much Can a Gaming Coach Earn?

As a gaming coach, your employment functions similarly to any other private contractor: you work your own hours and get paid what you deem your services worth. Most coaches are paid per hour or per session and structure sessions and training plans accordingly. Income as a gaming coach is going to vary drastically by a number of variables: the demand for the service, the value of the service and how much people are willing to pay, and how much you deem your service worth. With that, it depends on your schedule with how much demand you have and how often you want to coach. Historically, you can charge as little as 10$ per session or as much as a 100$ or more. Depending on how often you coach, you can use it to make a little bit of extra money extra week; if you're running multiple sessions per day with sufficient demand, you can approach hundreds or even thousands a month. Check out some examples of coaching pages HERE and HERE for more information on sessions and income.

What are the Benefits and Difficulties of Becoming a Gaming Coach?

Becoming a gaming coach has many benefits, such as:

  • The potential for earning a fair amount of money
  • A career path down the line
  • A flexible schedule and working from anywhere

However, some of the drawbacks include:

  • A lot of competition from other strong, intelligent gamers and coaches
  • Difficulty starting up without a strong following online
  • Time and energy required for smaller financial payout upon starting

How to Become a Gaming Coach

If you're still reading and want to become a gaming coach, here are some simple steps you can follow to start your journey becoming a gaming coach, making money, and building your platform

  1. Accumulate knowledge in your game: The more you play your game of choice, even if you aren't the most skillful at it or a professional player, the more knowledge and strategy you accumulate yourself. Playing in a competitive environment in higher level leagues and competition is a great way to hone your skills.
  2. Get experience teaching: This step doesn't have to be limited to just video games. If you've had experience coaching or giving lessons in any other avenue, you will be much more equipped to teach others as a gaming coach.
  3. Get started marketing: Eventually, you just have to pull the trigger and start marketing for yourself! Start building your platform, accumulating an audience, and continue honing your skills to be the best you can be.
  4. Build your online presence - Start using your social media and online presence to build an audience! Platforms like Discord and YouTube are fantastic both to post content and build a following. Start interacting with people interested in your game and market your services to them! The more people you talk with and that interact with your content, the higher chance you have of obtaining new clients.
  5. Develop coaching skills - The best way to develop your skills at your game of choice is to play as much as you can. The more you play the game, both casually and competitively, the better ability you have to coach others to do the same.
  6. Develop your unique style and diversify your skills - When you start off coaching, you might only have a limited grasp of what you can coach. However, there is probably a wider market for your teaching skills than you realize, and being able to diversify your coaching to different aspects of your game and to a wide variety of players, from beginner to professional, will enhance your clientele.
  7. Apply for positions - The presence of eSports leagues in schools is becoming larger every year, and many schools are looking head coach positions to help cultivate and foster eSports teams. If your resume is conducive to the position and you want the opportunity to bring up the next generation of gamers, consider searching for these jobs and applying!
  8. Work with an organization - Often, the best way to expand your audience is to utilize the resources and playerbase of a larger eSports coaching organization. These organizations allow you to utilize their platforms for your coaching needs and give you opportunities to grow your platform and audience through their community.

Become a Gaming Coach Today

Fortunately, the best spot for you to become a sponsored gaming coach is the very platform you are reading this article on: Metafy! Through their simple application process, Metafy has made it incredibly easy and streamlined for the planet's best gamers to build their online coaching business while earning some serious coin in the process. If you're an elite player who is interested in joining the ranks of the best, head on over to the Metafy home page, scroll down to the bottom and click "become a coach". From there, fill out the form and you're on your way to becoming a certified eSports coach. Thanks for reading, and feel free to check out the amazing community Metafy has to offer while you're here!

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