Community Building 101: How To Get Followers On Twitch

February 19, 2024

What is Twitch? Twitch is a live streaming platform primarily focused on video games but has expanded to include content related to music, art, talk shows, and more. It allows users to broadcast their gameplay or activities in real-time to an audience, who can interact with the streamer via chat. However, if you are reading this article, you are most likely a streamer yourself! Now that you have become a streamer, the big question is, how to get twitch followers? What is going to make people find my stream? Do I want to be like my favorite twitch streamers? In this article we are going to dive into what you can do to find your audience!

Tips to Get More Followers on Twitch

Step 1: First of all, have you ever streamed before? If the answer is no. Then why are you here?! The first and hardest step to becoming a streamer is going live for the first time! Even if it's a short 30 minute stream, just do it! Make a twitch account, hit go live and have your first twitch stream today! Once you've done that, then you can come back. 

Now let's get into some tips to help you gain  twitch followers:

  • Reach twitch affiliate. To achieve this you have to stream for 8 hours, stream on 7 different days, reach a follower count of 50, and average 3 twitch viewers within a month period. Try to find stream games or a style of content that you enjoy and just stream it when you can. To help yourself maintain 3 viewers you can have a few friends watch, or even a few family members can have the stream open on the side. You can also have your own stream open on another device! Reaching twitch affiliate also enables you to receive twitch subscribers! Also once you reach twitch affiliate you can start aiming for twitch partner



  • POST ON OTHER PLATFORMS!!!!! Twitch is where viewers come to watch about streamers they already know about. It can be hard to find newer streamers on Twitch it's self, especially smaller streamers. The best way you can have viewers find your stream is by creating content on other platforms. Whether that is TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram. All of these socials will help viewers find your stream and you'll gain twitch views. I highly recommend creating short-form vertical content for socials such as Tiktok. Cross promoting is the key to gaining viewership on twitch.
  • Level-up your stream. Alright maybe you have completed a few streams now and are getting a feel for being a streamer. If you feel being a streamer is for you, then it's time to upgrade your stream! How can you improve your stream? There is a few ways. Do you use a webcam? You can get an overlay for your webcam to make it pop! You can also get an stream overlay. You also have space on twitch below your stream where you can put panels showing off things, such as your other socials!



  • Build a brand. What do you want people to think of when they think of your stream? Is it your face? Maybe a mascot? You want your brand to be easily memorable and recognized. Keep this in mind when creating things, such as your streamer name and logo. 
  • Create a schedule. When do you plan on streaming? Your viewers want to know too! Going live at the same time on different days can be a good way of retaining your viewers and gaining Twitch views! A way of connecting your viewers is by creating a discord for your community! Here you can also upload your schedules so your viewers know when to catch your streams!
  • Get a stream setup. If you enjoy being a streamer and see yourself continuing it, maybe it's time to invest in some equipment! But trust me, you don't need expensive fancy equipment to succeed! However, I recommend getting a good quality microphone! Audio quality is very important in a live stream. A good microphone I recommend for up and coming streamers is the Hyper X Quadcast. Upgrading your audio quality is a surefire way to improve your content and gain Twitch views!
  • Create a streaming plan. You can decide what style of content you want to make. Once you do that, you can start planning stream ideas! Having a idea of what you want to do on stream that day can help you in the long run with creating youtube videos and tiktok clips from your streams. Creating this routine with your content will get the people watching. 
  • Create a Twitch giveaway. Are you starting to gain traction on your other socials, such as TikTok or Twitter? Then you can host a small giveaway on them! What you want to giveaway will be dependent on your content. Are you a gaming content creator? Then maybe giveaway a game key to one of your favorite games! The key is that one of the requirements to enter will be that the viewer has to follow you on twitch to enter. This will drive more people to your streams! If you are already delivering good content on your streams, many people are bound to stay! However, if a giveaway isn't within your budget, don't worry there are still many more ways to get your stream out there!
  • Stand out! Do you plan on streaming a popular game with a lot of streamers like Valorant? Then what do you plan to do that's different from other streamers? Why should viewers watch your stream over another? You want to make sure your content is unique. What is going to stand out in the TikTok you make? Come up with a concept that is unique to you and your brand. This will help connect with your viewers!


Regular Viewers Vs Followers

Once you level up your YouTube and TikTok game, you'll start gaining followers on Twitch. However, how can we turn Twitch followers into regular viewers. While having a big follower count is great, if you want to shoot to become a big streamer and Twitch partner, you have to get people returning to your streams. Improving your streams is key to getting your viewers to come back every stream. To do that follow the tips provided above. All of them will give you a great head start into streaming. Gaining returning viewers can also lead them to becoming subscribers of your stream! Very important factors are actually quite simple! Make sure your stream audio is balanced, is the game way louder than you when you speak? Then make sure to adjust! Investing in a good quality microphone is also a big help! Also make sure that your stream is good visual quality! You want to be streaming in above 5000 bitrate, this can be found within OBS settings! Following these steps will get your viewers returning to future streams! Also on the topic of Twitch followers. Maybe you have thought, should I buy followers on twitch? The easy answer is no! Buying followers or viewers on twitch is against their TOS and can get your account suspended or banned! Trust me, buying them wouldn't of helped you anyway!


Following these tips is a surefire way to gain followers on Twitch! Now that you know where to start, it's time to start making content and streaming on Twitch! But remember, the hardest part of becoming a streamer is pressing the Go Live button for the first time! So get out there and start making content today! I hope to see your content on my feed soon!

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