Best Games to Stream: Boost Your Twitch Presence Instantly

March 4, 2024

Best Games to Stream: Boost Your Twitch Presence Instantly

Twitch is a live streaming platform primarily focused on gaming, but it also hosts streams related to music, art, cooking, and various other interests. It allows people to broadcast themselves playing video games, share their creative endeavors, or simply engage with their audience in real-time.

Streamers broadcast their gameplay or content live to viewers, who can interact with them through chat, emotes, and donations. Twitch has a strong social aspect, fostering communities around streamed games, streamers, and various topics.

A large portion of the viewership on Twitch are viewers consuming game streaming content. So a large amount of Twitch streamers and top streamers on Twitch create gaming content. If you are looking to become a Twitch streamer, streaming games can be a great start! However, game streaming content is a massive community. So with so many popular games to choose from, what should you stream? In this article we are going to dive into many popular games you can start streaming today! 

Best games to stream on Twitch

There are hundreds of popular games streamed on Twitch, so what game should you choose? Shooter games, also known as fps games, are a large community on Twitch. Here is some of the popular shooters you can stream!

  • Valorant-  Valorant is a first-person shooter by riot games. Valorant took Twitch by storm. To this day Valorant attracts some of the largest viewership on all of Twitch. When it comes to streaming games, Valorant has some of the largest variety. You don't have to be an esports level player to make good content in Valorant!
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive- Counter-Strike: Global Offensive follows a similar concept to Valorant. Counter-Strike also has features, such as a buy phase and round by round gameplay. Recently Counter-Strike: Global Offensive released CS:GO 2 which also helped increase the viewership of the category! 
  • Overwatch - Overwatch is a very fast paced first person shooter. Filled with a huge cast of characters, Overwatch offers a unique gameplay experience. Overwatch still has a very dedcaited community on Twitch. Overwatch is definitely a game worth trying to see if it's for you!

Another big genre of shooter games are battle royale! Battle royale has gained a lot of popularity on Twitch games in recent years. Battle royale games allowed for a whole new experience of shooter games! Here's some popular battle royale games you can stream!

  • Fortnite - Now this probably isn't the first time you're hearing about Fortnite. However, Fortnite is still more popular than ever! Recently Fortnite introduced many new gamemodes that have gained tons of popularity, such as Fortnite music festival. There is still a lot of content to be made within Fortnite with unlimited potential!
  • Apex Legends - Apex Legends is a battle royale published by EA. Apex Legends provides a very unique experience to the battle royale genre. Apex legends gained a lot of popularity from it's unique movement system. However, Apex Legends is also still be updated with new content regularly! If a fast pace fps experience is what you are looking, Apex Legends would be great for you to try!
  • Pubg- Pubg is what you would call an oldy but goody. Pubg is a battle royale game that has been around since the start of the battle royale genre. However, Pubg still has a very large community behind it! Despite Pubg not being talked about as much as it's counterparts sometimes, Pubg is still a thriving game on Twitch! If you enjoy playing battle royale games, I recommend giving Pubg a try!
  • Warzone- Call of Duty has always been a popular fps series. So it was no surprise they wanted to make a battle royale game. That is where Warzone comes in. Warzone is a widely popular battle royale game with many styles of content created for the game. If you enjoy the Call of Duty series, I recommend giving Warzone a try!

Now Shooter games are very popular streamed games on Twitch. However, there are many more popular games streamed on Twitch! Here is a list of many popular games you can stream on Twitch!

  • Grand Theft Auto - grand theft auto is an online action-adventure game. Grand theft auto recently gained more popularity as top streamers started to use the game for roleplay! Twitch streamers would create roleplay servers within grand theft auto and use them to interact with fellow streamers. Gta has always been a popular game, but this new twist increased the viewership on Twitch by a lot!. If roleplay is your thing, you should give gta a shot!
  • Hearthstone - Hearthstone is another game developed by blizzard. Hearthstone is a card game with a huge esports and casual community behind it. If you enjoy games, such as riot game's TFT. Hearthstone still has good viewership on Twitch. Hearthstone is worth a try if you enjoy card games!
  • Minecraft - Minecraft is another game you probably aren't hearing about for the first time. Despite Minecraft being a popular game for a long time now. Minecraft's viewership on Twitch is still huge! With unlimited content potential in Minecraft, if sandbox games are your style, Minecraft is worth giving a try!
  • Jackbox - Jackbox is a game where your viewers can play with you as well! Jackbox hosts many trivia style games where your viewers can play along for free! If you want unique interactions with your viewers, Jackbox is a great way to go!

Tips to choose the best games to stream

Now that you have an idea of many different streamed games you can stream on your twitch stream, which one should you play? Here we'll list some tips to help you make your decision! 

  • Esports - While many popular first person shooter streams are esports level players showing of their skills. There is still plenty of content to made within the genre by people with skills nowhere near esports level! So even if you are new to first person shooters, don't be afraid to give it a shot!
  • Have fun - When deciding on what game to stream, think about what you enjoy playing! You are way more likely to create good content when making content for a game you enjoy! Make your you enjoy creating the content you create on Twitch!
  • Discovering a niche - Say you want to stream a game like Valorant. Well there is already a ton of streamers streaming games of Valorant on Twitch! So what is going to make you stand out? You want to create content that is unique to every other streamer's content. This can be done be researching what kind of content you want to make and then finding out how you are going to put your own unique twist on it!
  • Use other platforms - Once you starting streaming on Twitch, you must start saving your content! It can be hard for viewers to find your content on Twitch. Did you have a funny moment on stream, or maybe you hit an insane clip? Make sure to save it! That clip can be turned into a TikTok, YouTube Short, and an Instagram reel! This will help viewers find your content! Then if you create good content, the viewers will stick around!
  • Common mistakes - A mistake many streamers make when choosing their game to stream is picking a large category like Valorant, then not creating unique content. So many streamers on creating Valorant content on Twitch. If you want to stand out, you have to be unique and post your clips to other platforms!


Gaming streaming will always be a large portion of Twitch's viewership. For this same reason there will always be space for more creators within the gaming and streaming community. Millions of viewers watch streams and many of them are waiting to find their new favorite twitch streamer. So get out there and hit go live! Good luck in your streams!

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