8 Quick Tips for Metafy Pros

February 23, 2024
Ann Smiley


Being a Metafy Pro requires more than just expertise in your game. You also need a smart strategy to bring in and retain students. Whether you’re new to the site or just want to grow your book, there are some specific tactics that can really help. You’ll find detailed strategies in other articles, but this list will give you a quick recap of simple steps you can take now, to turbocharge your Metafy business.


1. Update Your Profile

Your profile is the first thing every potential student sees. It’s kind of like your face on Metafy. It is your primary marketing tool, especially for catching new students who are looking for a coach and may not know who you are. Take some time to polish your page. Highlight your strengths and accomplishments. Show off a little. Add lots of interesting links and blocks. Incorporate some of your lessons. Really give people a slice of who you are. More detail will make you more approachable, and get you more bookings.

If you haven’t done so yet, give some thought to your branding. What colors speak to you? Is it time for a new avatar? How about an entire logo identity? Savvy Pros will work with a graphic designer to come up with something slick.

Check out these coaches’ profiles, for inspiration:

2. Put Your Metafy Link Everywhere

That fancy Metafy link of yours (metafy.gg/@yourusername) takes people straight to that profile you’ve just spent hours polishing. Now it’s time to get some eyes on it, by sharing it everywhere you can think of. It’s the best possible ad for what you do: It highlights your key achievements, contains your full-length pitch, and directs students to the sessions you offer. So, plaster it on all of your socials.

Post it to your Twitter/X bio ASAP.And make it your pinned tweet or xeet or whatever they’re called now.

You should also add it to your:

  • Twitch
  • Discord profile
  • Neck Tattoo
  • YouTube About section
  • TikTok
  • Birthday card signatures

3. Hold Promo Code Giveaways

Since you’re on social media, you should be holding contests where you give away promo codes. They’re a great way to drum up not only new followers, but new students. It’s as simple as creating a code, then giving it away. Here’s a quick copy/paste for your social media:

Here's your chance to win a Metafy session with me, one of the top <INSERT WHAT YOU’RE GOOD AT>: @YOURHANDLE

To enter:

1️⃣  RT this

2️⃣  Follow @YOURHANDLE and @TryMetafy


Winner picked tomorrow!

Pick a winner at random (roll a d20, summon a spirit using a Ouija board and have them pick, etc., etc.) and DM them the code.

4. Friend and Follow Up on Discord

It’s a good idea to add your students as friends on Discord just in case you are unable to reach them via Metafy chat. Even if they don’t accept the request, they’ll be easy to find through the Pending list. And make sure your Discord ID is featured on your Metafy profile, so students have a backup way to reach you.

That Discord connection is also a good way to drum up some return business. Haven’t heard from them lately? Slide into their DMs. Ask them how they’re doing. See if maybe they wanna get stomped in Smash or something.

5. Use Twitch Bots to Promote Your Metafy

If you’re streaming on Twitch, you need to set up a bot command (e.g., !metafy, !coaching, !coach) that has a brief summary and your Metafy link. Then put that bot command in your stream title every time you stream. Once viewers see how good at the game you are, they’ll be like “damn I wish I could get some coaching from this stud.” and BAM! There’s a link right there.

Don’t make the mistake of mentioning your coaching ONLY at the beginning of your stream. Who catches Twitch streams at the beginning?

6. Offer Bulk Packages

Training plans are a great way to offer your students a more in-depth curriculum. By bundling and discounting, you can sell multiple lessons that can be scheduled over time so you can lock in a structured learning strategy. It’s a great way to supercharge your students’ progress.

It's also a savvy business strategy because it encourages students to make bulk purchases with a long-term plan in mind. It’s an effective learning method as you can map out lessons and assignments along a proven trajectory, solidifying your students’ skills. And it’s got motivation and accountability built right in.

7. Use Your Calendar to Block Chunks of Time

Metafy’s Availability Settings are perfect for setting up your ongoing coaching schedule. But if you want to block off time for one-off or short-term events such as appointments, vacations, and tournaments, you can add them to your synced Google Calendar.

Make sure you’ve got your Google Calendar linked to your Metafy, and that you’re set up to check for conflicts. Then go to your Google Calendar and create an event that corresponds to the day and  time you will be unavailable. Make sure the event is labeled as a time you’re “busy,” which is the default. For all-day events, be sure to set them up with an hourly rage (9 a.m. to 9 p.m., for example) rather than selecting the “all day” option. Don’t ask.

Once the event is created, potential students won’t be able to book during that time. Even if it’s a day and time you’d normally be available.

8. Download the Metafy App

Life doesn’t always happen while you’re at your computer. It mostly happens between computer trips with a smaller computer called a phone.

Our iOS and Android Apps make it easy to schedule, accept and manage your bookings or payment on the go. Download Metafy for iOS here and Android here, now.

The Bottom Line

As you probably suspect, these are just the tips (ha!) of the iceberg. And remember, your coaching business will be like your gaming career: it’s a journey, and you’ll constantly be evolving and improving. In fact, if you’ve got your own insights and strategies to share, let us know and we’ll add them. Additionally, don't hesitate to reach out and request tips or guidance on areas where you may need assistance. By refining your practice and sharing your knowledge, you'll improve your coaching skills and help the coaching profession grow. Think of it as an area effect.

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