8 Free Tools That Will Transform Your Group Coaching Sessions

April 19, 2024

Group coaching, especially in esports, holds immense potential for learning enrichment, collaboration, and participant feedback. However, it comes with its own set of challenges—engaging attendees, measuring progress, and fostering effective interaction. The success of group coaching hinges on factors like active participation and the attendee-to-coach interaction ratio.

Active participation gauges how deeply attendees engage in the coaching process, from posing questions to sharing insights and applying concepts. The ratio, on the other hand, measures the balance between talking and listening. A high level of both signals an engaged and motivated audience, actively absorbing the coaching session's content.

Enter the solution: online tools. These tech companions can be instrumental in not just overcoming these challenges but also elevating the overall group coaching experience. These tools offer a dynamic edge to your sessions by amplifying interactivity, feedback mechanisms, and collaboration.

In the upcoming sections, we'll delve into some of these free online tools, shedding light on how they can be seamlessly integrated to boost active participation and optimize the interaction ratio, thereby fostering an environment where attendees are not just present but actively learning and engaged.

1. Whiteboard.fi: Elevating Group Coaching Interaction

Whiteboard.fi is a tool that offers a virtual canvas to create and share whiteboards seamlessly with your attendees. The possibilities are expansive: drawing diagrams, jotting down notes, and illustrating complex concepts—all in real-time.

Why does Whiteboard.fi stand out?

  • Visual Expression: Whiteboard.fi empowers attendees to visually express their ideas and queries directly on their own whiteboard, fostering a dynamic and visual avenue for communication.
  • Interactive Engagement: Encourage interaction among participants by allowing them to comment and annotate on the shared whiteboards. This two-way interaction sparks engagement and collaboration.
  • Progress Assessment: Gain insights into your attendees' understanding and progress by checking their individual whiteboards. It provides a real-time assessment tool for gauging the efficacy of your coaching content.

Watch this video to learn how to use this tool and incorporate it into your sessions.

2. Epic Pen: Transforming Screen Interaction in Group Coaching

Epic Pen is a tool that offers the ability to draw and annotate on any screen, be it videos, games, or websites. The potential applications are expansive: highlighting crucial points, underlining key details, and seamlessly commenting on the content you share.

Why use Epic Pen?

  • Real-time Annotations: Epic Pen allows your attendees to witness and follow your annotations on the screen in real-time. This visual engagement ensures that participants are actively tuned into the content.
  • Interactive Response: Encourage a dynamic exchange by prompting attendees to respond and react to your annotations. This two-way interaction transforms the coaching session into a collaborative experience.
  • Emphasizing Key Points: Use Epic Pen to emphasize and explain critical points and details within your content. This feature ensures that attendees grasp the essential aspects, enhancing the overall learning experience.

Dive into this video to discover the seamless integration of this tool into your coaching sessions.

3. Slido: Elevating Interactive Presentations in Group Coaching

Slido—is a platform which empowers you to craft and share presentations that go beyond mere visuals, incorporating polls, quizzes, surveys, and Q&A sessions seamlessly.

Why choose Slido?

  • Engagement through interaction: Slido allows attendees to actively participate by voting, answering, and providing feedback on polls, quizzes, and surveys. This interactivity ensures that participants are not just passive viewers but engaged contributors.
  • Dynamic Q&A Sessions: Encourage a vibrant exchange of ideas by enabling attendees to ask and answer questions during dedicated Q&A sessions. This interactive dialogue fosters a sense of involvement and shared learning.
  • Data-driven Insights: Leverage Slido to collect and analyze data from polls, quizzes, surveys, and Q&A sessions. This feature provides valuable insights into attendee responses, allowing you to tailor your coaching content for maximum impact.

Uncover the secrets of incorporating this tool into your sessions by watching this video.

4. Google Form Quizzes: A Game-Changer for Engaging Assessments in Group Coaching

Google Form Quizzes is a versatile online tool that redefines how you assess and engage with your group coaching attendees. This platform empowers you to craft and share quizzes beyond traditional assessments, testing not just knowledge but also skills and performance.

Why opt for Google Form Quizzes?

  • Real-time Feedback: Google Form Quizzes allow attendees to actively participate by answering quiz questions and instantly seeing their scores and feedback. This real-time feedback mechanism ensures immediate engagement and comprehension.
  • Continuous Improvement: Encourage attendees to take an active role in their learning journey by reviewing and improving their quiz results and feedback. This iterative process promotes continuous improvement and a deeper understanding of the subject matter.
  • Performance Evaluation: Leverage Google Form Quizzes to evaluate and track attendees' quiz results and feedback systematically. This feature provides valuable insights into individual performance, allowing you to tailor your coaching content for maximum impact.

Gain mastery over incorporating this tool into your sessions by tuning into this comprehensive video guide.

5. StrawPoll: Shaping Interactive Conversations in Group Coaching

StrawPoll enables you to create and share polls, tapping into the collective insights, preferences, and feedback of your participants.

Why StrawPoll?

  • Voting and Commentary: StrawPoll allows attendees to actively engage by voting on poll options and providing comments, all while witnessing real-time results. This participatory process ensures that attendees are not passive observers but active contributors to the conversation.
  • Dynamic Discussions: Encourage a lively exchange of ideas by prompting attendees to discuss and debate poll topics and results. This interactive dialogue fosters a sense of community and provides a platform for diverse perspectives.
  • Understanding Attendee Needs: Leverage StrawPoll to gain insights into the needs and expectations of your attendees. This tool enables you to understand their preferences, allowing you to tailor your coaching content to better meet their requirements.

6. Microsoft Whiteboard: Collaborative Mastery in Group Coaching

Microsoft Whiteboard—is a tool which serves as a dynamic space for brainstorming, planning, and executing activities and projects collectively.

Why embrace Microsoft Whiteboard?

  • Simultaneous Collaboration: Microsoft Whiteboard allows attendees to actively participate by drawing, writing, and editing on the same digital canvas, facilitating real-time collaboration among participants.
  • Dynamic Communication: Encourage lively collaboration by prompting attendees to utilize chat and voice features on the whiteboard. This interactive communication channel enhances engagement and ensures a seamless exchange of ideas.
  • Organized Engagement: Leverage Microsoft Whiteboard's organizational features, including templates, sticky notes, and lists, to manage and structure your collaborative space effectively. This ensures that the whiteboard becomes a coherent and productive platform.

Learn how to integrate this tool into your coaching sessions in this video.

7. Google Slides: Elevating Engagement in Group Coaching


Google Slides is a versatile, web-based presentation tool. This platform empowers you to create, edit, and present engaging and interactive sessions for your group coaching endeavors, fostering seamless collaboration with your clients.

Why opt for Google Slides?

  • Comprehensive Presentation: Utilize Google Slides to craft detailed slide decks for each group coaching session. Add sections for introduction, agenda, objectives, content, activities, and summary. Incorporate multimedia elements like images, videos, animations, and transitions for a visually appealing and dynamic presentation.
  • Pre-session Accessibility: Share the slide deck with your students before, during, or after the session. This ensures they have access to the material, can review critical points, and engage with the content at their own pace, enhancing overall participation.
  • Client Empowerment: Encourage clients to create and present their own slides, showcasing their work, projects, or learnings. This not only allows them to demonstrate their skills and knowledge but also adds a layer of student-driven engagement to the coaching process.

Take a peek at this video tutorial to grasp the ins and outs of using this tool effectively in your coaching sessions.

8. Trello: Orchestrating Seamless Collaboration in Group Coaching

Trello is an innovative web-based project management tool that allows you to organize, plan, and execute tasks and projects. For group coaching sessions, Trello emerges as a powerful ally, enabling efficient communication, collaboration, and task management with your students.

Why choose Trello?

  • Holistic Session Planning: Utilize Trello to craft dedicated boards for each group coaching session. Add lists encompassing the agenda, objectives, activities, resources, and feedback. Populate these lists with cards detailing each item, complete with labels, due dates, checklists, attachments, and comments for comprehensive information.
  • Student Involvement: Invite students to view and edit the Trello board, providing transparency into session plans and expectations. This allows them to contribute ideas and suggestions, fostering a collaborative environment where everyone's input is valued.
  • Task Engagement: Assign tasks and assignments to students and encourage them to mark completion on the Trello board. This not only showcases their progress and achievements but also provides a tangible way for them to actively participate in the coaching process.
  • Interactive Dialogue: Leverage Trello's commenting feature to encourage students to share their thoughts, opinions, questions, and feedback.

Explore the step-by-step guide in this video to effortlessly incorporate this tool into your coaching sessions.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Group Coaching with Enhanced Engagement

Embarking on the journey of group coaching opens doors to collective success in achieving esports goals and aspirations. Yet, the effectiveness of group coaching hinges on your ability to actively engage, measure progress, and facilitate a dynamic learning environment. Use of the online tools introduced in this article will help improve your group coaching experience.

Here's the key takeaway:

  • Enhanced Engagement: The online tools outlined here are designed to boost active participation and increase the interaction ratio among your attendees. They empower you to create an immersive and collaborative coaching environment where every participant's voice is heard and valued.
  • Measure Progress: With these tools, measuring the progress of your attendees becomes seamless. Whether through quizzes, polls, or collaborative whiteboards, you gain real-time insights into the understanding and development of each participant.
  • Facilitate Dynamic Sessions: The introduced tools, including Whiteboard.fi, Epic Pen, Slideo.io, Google Form Quizzes, StrawPoll, Microsoft Whiteboard, Google Slides, and Trello, offer diverse functionalities to cater to various coaching needs. From visual collaboration to interactive presentations, these tools enable you to facilitate dynamic and engaging group coaching sessions.

Incorporate these tools into your coaching repertoire to have a positive impact on your group coaching experience.

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